Lissa Leigh (hipv415) wrote in ilovepiercings,
Lissa Leigh


So I have been searcing everywhere for a community to give me some directing into how to treating an infected navel piercing.

For starters, I was told when I got it done to use dial soap and sea salt for the healing process. Then someone afterwards was telling me never to use sea salt on it. Is this true, should I not be using it?

What about peroxide, some say it is good for it and others say not to use it since it is an internal wound.

The lady who pierced it told me not to go in the lake but I didnt listen because I am a bay party kind of girl and I wanted to go.

Now my piercing seems infected. It doesnt hurt or anything thing but it is very red and where the ring is it is a whitish color as well.

Any good advice for me!?
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