rachel elizabeth (thefemalecliche) wrote in ilovepiercings,
rachel elizabeth

Got my monroe pierced today! I have a question for you all about the aftercare. I am an American living in Switzerland, so naturally I got it done here in Switzerland. My piercer was very nice and professional, and I understood his directions for aftercare but the problem is, what he told me doesn't correspond with what's on the sheet he gave me. On the sheet with directions, it says that I should wear a band-aid over it for a week (all the time) and then for 10 more days just when sleeping. He told me that I just need to wear it when sleeping for the next 10 days. Before getting it done I read alot on some piercing websites that are in English and they said nothing about band-aids as part of aftercare, but rather focused on keeping pillowcases and sheets clean. What do you guys think? Is wearing a band-aid over a monroe common practice? I will definitely follow his directions for keeping it covered at night, but I realllllly don't want to cover up my pretty new piercing for the next week. : ) Thanks!
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