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Problem with my piercing...? [03 Feb 2016|10:22pm]

Has anyone dealt with this kind of infection before?
So I had this lobe piercing for two and a half years now and some time between half a year and now, I've managed to hurt it (that's a story for later unless you really want to hear it). Since then, I've noticed that from time to time that it would swell a bit and hurt when I nudge the jewelry by accident. Some off-white substance with the consistency pus would sometimes come out. Well actually it happens once everytime it swells, just half of the time I don't notice it until it becomes a crust on the back of the lobe on the bar of the stud. After clearing away the gunk, sometimes a clear liquid (lymph, I'm pretty sure) comes out. A few days pass and it's back to normal (ear lobe is thin, no crusties around the piercing/jewelry).
Now ever since these cycles of infection and healing started, my piercing doesn't seem to have ever healed properly. Whenever I take the jewelry out, there isn't that "innie bellybutton" look. Sometimes I see a hole, other times I don't. In the front, right at the top of the piercing, a little bit of the skin is discolored (purple scar) with either dry skin flaking off or it's the crusties. The back of the piercing has a circular patch of scar (slightly raised, shiny, non-stretchy, and pink skin) with a not-so-perfect hole in the middle.
I'm suspecting that I have some sort of pocket inside my lobe where bacteria keeps growing and dying because once in a while, when I put the jewelry back in, it doesn't always find its way through the back hole.
This is what I mean by pocket:
diagramCollapse )

I can provide more details if needed.

[26 Dec 2009|07:38pm]

 tongue piercing tomorrow.. i know everyone's different.. but how long is your tongue swollen. and how long till i can talk normally?
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yeah , [11 Aug 2008|12:52pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

 So, I have this urge to get another piercing ..

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Question about nose piercing [10 Aug 2008|12:39am]

So I had some issues with my nose piercing. I had gotten it pierced a year ago and it became infected, so after that went down I removed the stud and let it heal.

I got it repierced two months ago. It was healing happily for a couple weeks and then the bump appeared. I switched to a smaller gauge (b/c he pierced me w/a 16 g needle!) and continued salt soaks. I had special-ordered a titanium nose ring, and once that came in I went to a *good* piercer and he custom-bended the screw for me. Now my nose was a little cranky b/c I had 20 g in and the titanium one was 18, but it went in and after a couple days was happy.

It's very comfortable and I haven't had problems in the last three weeks (since I switched to the titanium). EXCEPT, while cleaning today, I pushed the screw up from the inside a bit (to clean underneath & around), and I saw that the bottom half of the stud is like... digging/embedding into the top of my nose. So there's the hole, and then a small depressed semi-circular area from where the stud is pushing onto my nose.

Now the guy that put in the titanium stud said that the piercing is a little crooked and wasn't laying flat, and told me to come back in a couple weeks and he'd bend it slightly so it's lay flat. However I moved out to law school and am yet to find a good piercer around.

So I wanted to ask for advice... it doesn't feel like it's tight, which is the only explanation I can think of for why it'd dig in like that. There's no swelling inside/outside that I can see, and it certainly isn't painful.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Uhm, hi. [29 Jul 2008|04:24pm]

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for a while, but I'm not sure about it.  So, I wanted some advice.  It's a big decision, but it is an idea I've had in my head for over a year, and I want some more information before I actually go out and get it done.

The tattoo I'm thinking of would be a custom trailing ivy design, 4-6 inches long, high up on the inside of my left thigh.  I'd want it in strong green shades (so it looks more vibrant - I don't really like the ones that look faded against the skin.  I'm half-Indian, so my skin's kind of coppery).  First questions; is that going to look awful?  How much can I expect it to hurt?  Will I still be able to run, or should I take a break from that for a bit?  How much is it likely to cost (I'm English)?

The second thing is, I'm not actually a very good artist.  Would it be okay to make an appointment with a tattoo artist just so they can discuss it with me and help me finalize my ideas?  I'd tip them for their time, even if I didn't end up getting the tattoo done.  Would that be good etiquette?  Is there a better way?  And how much is a good tip?

Final bit; how can I tell who's a good tattoo artist?  I know to ask to look at samples of their previous work, and if they helped me with the design, I'd guess that would help me to know exactly what I'm getting.  It's not usually okay to watch other people being tattooed, right?

I'm just completely new to the process and utterly lost.:(  Halp please.
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[05 Jul 2008|05:24am]

okay, so I'm getting double high nostril piercings sometime in the near to immediate future, and I have a few questions about them. I looked on bmezine, and I've searched google a thousand times over.
I can't really find any specific or detailed information on them.
Does anyone know if they use nostril screws or some other jewellery? What about healing times, or above average pain? Anyone with horror stories or any good feedback? I'd like to talk to anyone who has had them done, as well. (:

                                                                              xposted to madradpiercings

Infected tonsils and a lip ring... [31 May 2008|02:04pm]

Hi! My mom is a Registered Nurse (and I already have a doctor's appointment on Monday), so I'm most likely going to follow her advice, but I wanted to check with people who are more experienced in the piercing world. :P

I just got my lip pierced on Thursday, so I obviously have a few weeks before it's healed. Well, my throat started hurting last night, and when I woke up this morning, there were (and still are) pustules on my tonsils. So, all I'm wondering is if the strep throat bacteria can somehow get into the piercing wound and infect it... because that'd be horrible. D:

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[31 May 2008|06:39am]


Tonight I am either going to get my smiley or nose pierced, and I barely know anything about either. Any advice on which one heals better/ faster/ or any information would be appreciated! :]

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[20 Jan 2008|10:16pm]

Last night I headed to Syracuse and had John Joyce at Scarab Body Arts scalpel my tongue for 2g Teflon jewelry!

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A comparison question. [18 Nov 2007|11:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Not sure if this has been asked already, but, I'm planning on getting my navel pierced in a few weeks. I went to Google today, to find out how the procedure is done, and I do know it's done by a needle. People described the pain as a pinch, but it didn't really compare it to anything, so this is where I need your help.

Knowing that it's supposed to feel like a "pinch", I would assume it's going to feel like getting a shot..?? Having a needle shoved into your skin, and going out the other end of it. D:

Here is what I'm trying to get at. I got my ears pierced when I was 15 years old. My mother told me it would probably be done by a gun, so I was a little at ease, but not by much. When I got to the place to get my ears done, the woman marked them in the spots where the holes would be. She told me not to move my head or jerk..so I basically tensed up and kept my back and neck as straight as possible. I was afraid I was going to scream from the pain, actually. So, I heard her putting the gun up to my ear, and then she counted to 3, and she pierced it. It was so fast, I really don't remember what happened. I was sort of shocked, knowing that I still had one ear to go, and I wasn't sure how that was going to feel. Once again, I felt a small bit of pain, like someone squeezing my ear, but it was still a quick thing, where I couldn't remember how it felt. When I walked away, I had sweaty palms, and I could feel my ears sort of throbbing.

So, my question is..how would you compare an ear piercing to a navel piercing? Is it just the same..or worse?

If you could please share your past expierience with getting one, I'd like to know, so I can be prepared when I get one.

I proceded to take my sharp nails and pinch my navel, just to see how it would feel, even though, pinching with my nails is probably not as painful as the needle going through my skin will be. :(

Any help is appreciated.

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O hai [11 Aug 2007|09:02pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Uh so
I'm new.
I'm going to ask a question or a few if I may.

When speaking with me please keep in mind that I am not american, and english/american is not my native language. I'm fluent, but not by any means very good at it.

As for why I'm posting here!
I've been wanting to pierce (and later stretch) my ears for a while. I've only ever had one piercing before, in my eyebrow, and due to several childish classmates it got dragged, punched and poked at. Grew a bump, but my piercer put some goo on it and it was gone. (It had to be retired later because of some hospital thing crapadoodle, though.)
What I want to know before I pierce my ears is: What is that bump inside my left lobe? It feels like some internal pimple but has been there for years. Will it be trouble when I pierce?
I've looked all over the net without luck. :/


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question. [08 Aug 2007|12:41pm]

I hope you all can help me... I noticed that right below my lip piercing outside on the skin looks like a pimple, and I have been trying to figure out a way to get rid of it... it has been a pain in ass. not only that, I have a white thing right below the inside of my lip below the ring.... is it bad thing? should I take it out? I really don't want to..

I have been cleaning my lip piercing by mouthwash inside and soap outside.. but seems it is just getting worse when I wash it or etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Infected [06 Aug 2007|05:00pm]

So I have been searcing everywhere for a community to give me some directing into how to treating an infected navel piercing.

For starters, I was told when I got it done to use dial soap and sea salt for the healing process. Then someone afterwards was telling me never to use sea salt on it. Is this true, should I not be using it?

What about peroxide, some say it is good for it and others say not to use it since it is an internal wound.

The lady who pierced it told me not to go in the lake but I didnt listen because I am a bay party kind of girl and I wanted to go.

Now my piercing seems infected. It doesnt hurt or anything thing but it is very red and where the ring is it is a whitish color as well.

Any good advice for me!?
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Nose jewelry troubles [06 Aug 2007|06:50pm]

sorry, didn't realize how long it was!Collapse )
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xposted [16 Jul 2007|10:12pm]

i am getting my monroe done and i want to know if you can get it pierced w/ something as small as this-or how long it would take until you can change it. you know, b/c of work ;/

example here-

any ideas on where the best online store to buy jewelry for this type of piercing?


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monroe question [14 Jul 2007|01:10pm]

Hi! So, I have had my monroe piercing for a bit over a month now, and I love it!! However, I'm a little concerned about something, and I don't know if I'm being silly so I wanted to ask you guys before going to a piercer (I'm currently on vacation). For the past few days (maybe 3 or 4) the inside of my mouth right around the stud has been a little inflamed and puffy and it also tastes differently than it did before. There's no pain however, and the outside looks healthy. There isn't anything gross coming out of the hole either. I stopped with the antiseptic and antibacterial mouth rinse a couple weeks ago but I am still really good about keeping it clean (I thought). The problem is that I can't just go and see my piercer because I'm currently in Amsterdam and then I'm going to Copenhagen in a couple days (I live in Switzerland). Can you just go into any piercing shop and ask their advice for free? Or would they be pissed off? I got some more antiseptic and mouth rinse and have recommenced that but don't see any change. Do you guys think I have an infection or am I just freaking out unnecessarily? Thanks!!!!

Nostril piercing [01 Jul 2007|01:36am]

I'm bored, and a bit pissed off, so thought hey, lets add some holes. The local piercer thinks he is gods gift and wants a stunner which I think should include a night at a hotel to recover and a solid gold stud, and as I've done all my helix and lobe piercing, I'm a bit brave at self piercing. My problem is at the moment I don't have any studs. Will just any good quality nostril jewelry do, or should I get something special to go in the fresh pierced bit. I had a spare retainer that I used for my helixs for a job interview, but I can't find it, so doing anything tonight is a loss unless I go for one of my spare titanium CBRs, but they are only 10mm so really not any use for where I was thinking of putting it.

Thanks all.

x-posted with love and appoligies :P

Nipple piercing [22 Jun 2007|12:53am]

To those of you who have had it done, is it very obvious? Like if I went out in a normal bra and t-shirt would people be able to tell, or will I have to buy padded bras for tight shirts and stuff like that? Sorry to sounds stupid, by my mother-in-law did enough heavy sighing when she noticed my tongue was pierced. That and its one of those things that is for me and not for everyone to know about and all that!


x-posted lots, sorry!
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[13 Jun 2007|05:11pm]

Got my monroe pierced today! I have a question for you all about the aftercare. I am an American living in Switzerland, so naturally I got it done here in Switzerland. My piercer was very nice and professional, and I understood his directions for aftercare but the problem is, what he told me doesn't correspond with what's on the sheet he gave me. On the sheet with directions, it says that I should wear a band-aid over it for a week (all the time) and then for 10 more days just when sleeping. He told me that I just need to wear it when sleeping for the next 10 days. Before getting it done I read alot on some piercing websites that are in English and they said nothing about band-aids as part of aftercare, but rather focused on keeping pillowcases and sheets clean. What do you guys think? Is wearing a band-aid over a monroe common practice? I will definitely follow his directions for keeping it covered at night, but I realllllly don't want to cover up my pretty new piercing for the next week. : ) Thanks!
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well, that didn't feel like a box of kittens. [11 Jun 2007|04:34pm]

Got both of my tragus piercings done today. Hurt til she rinsed it, now just mild ache. -nutter- Will let you all know how sleeping goes LMAO!!! I think that may be the last of my body mods, but we'll see :P Any suggestions on what jewelry is good to use, comfortable and so on? I know I shouldn't twist the current jewelry and leave it for 2 weeks or so, rinse it with salt water two to three times a day, and generally leave it alone, and all that. Any additional tips and tricks? I've heard labret jewelry is about the right size and comfy to use, any truth to it?

Thanks in advance :)
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