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Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

Nose jewelry troubles

Just me again, boo :) I got my nose pierced recently (Jul. 2nd, 2007 and yes I did it myself, though I was taught how my a mate who does it pro and had it looked at by a piercer and a doctor, and other then it being at a weird angle so it sits right on my nose, its fine, clean and mostly healed :) ) and got it done at a weird angle so it sits just right and looks good, unfortunately this means I can't get a nose screw in to save my life. I tried a nose stud but it keeps falling out, so I am thinking a nose bone may be more worth my while. I know they say once you get them in they don't come out, which is what I want. My origional piercing was done with a fishtail, but it came unbent when it got yanked out, so I put another one in, got it bent and it fell out while I was sleeping. So what I really need is something to stay in. With it being at such a weird angle even getting the fishtail bent into a custom nose screw fell out and unbent, making me think the metal is too thin, but at 20g I think its to thin anyway. So my plan is to get an 18g nose bone so the sucker stays put, and in blue to match my earrings so I never have to change the fricken thing. Well maybe in clear or light blue so it matches everything

So, good plan or have I drawn the short straw? I've tried going to the piercing lady who helped me with the tragus, but she wanted to re-pierce it and put a 16g labret type thing in it, and I don't want to go above 18g. I'm actually looking at getting one of these and then my plan is to leave it the hell alone. Out of all my piercings and all the drama its been though its never gotten to swollen, not gotten infected, and other then having to sleep with a bandaid on my nose to keep the stud in, has never been a problem, so I don't want to loose it.

Thanks all, sorry for the ramble. :P

X-Posted everywhere. Sorry! I want lots of opinions before I go shoving new stuff in my face. I know the nose bones have been known to get stuck and have had to be cut out, which doesn't bother me as I wont be changing it anyway and doubt I will have to take it out, but thinking again I may have to take it out for a hospital visit, though I am hoping I wont have to get another MRI as I just had one.

Sorry, rambling again!
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