Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark (frankthepirate) wrote in ilovepiercings,
Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

Nostril piercing

I'm bored, and a bit pissed off, so thought hey, lets add some holes. The local piercer thinks he is gods gift and wants a stunner which I think should include a night at a hotel to recover and a solid gold stud, and as I've done all my helix and lobe piercing, I'm a bit brave at self piercing. My problem is at the moment I don't have any studs. Will just any good quality nostril jewelry do, or should I get something special to go in the fresh pierced bit. I had a spare retainer that I used for my helixs for a job interview, but I can't find it, so doing anything tonight is a loss unless I go for one of my spare titanium CBRs, but they are only 10mm so really not any use for where I was thinking of putting it.

Thanks all.

x-posted with love and appoligies :P
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